Reach Goals x2

The app that helps you reach your goals quicker - with the support of workout partners.

Take your workouts to the next level.

Stay accountable to your workout goals. Meet new workout partners. Or both.

Boost your workout

Working out alone can be boring. Boost your workout with a workout partner.

Make new friends

Approaching someone at the gym can be awkward. Make an easier intro on Enjifit.

Create new workouts

Easily create new workouts to your plan and get reminders so you never forget! 

Stay accountable

We've built this into our core. Everyone here is looking for an accountability partner.

Filter partners nearby

Not looking for a texting workout buddy? You can search for partners and trainers nearby.

Trash old habits

Your workout partners is here to help catch you from slipping. It's time to ditch the old habits.

Stay Accountable

Keep track of your workout plans with your personal trainer, workout partner or yourself. Either way, stay accountable to your goals.

Track your progress

Don't just add workouts and forget. You can keep track of your goals right on the app, so that you can track your progress and keep your workout streak on! 

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